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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is it to implement and integrate Innovi CRM with my existing systems and tools?
    Innovi CRM is designed to be easily implemented and integrated with your existing systems and tools, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your business operations. With an open API, Innovi CRM can be readily connected to a wide range of applications and services, allowing for maximum flexibility and customization. We also offer integration with Zapier, a popular automation platform that connects Innovi CRM with over 3,000 other apps and services. This enables you to create custom workflows and automate tasks between Innovi CRM and the tools you're already using, such as project management, marketing, and accounting software. In addition, Innovi CRM boasts native integrations with a variety of popular platforms and services, including: Chat-GPT 3.5 Facebook Lead Forms: Automatically capture and import leads from your Facebook advertising campaigns directly into Innovi CRM. Facebook & Instagram Messenger: Manage and respond to customer inquiries on these popular social platforms within the CRM itself. TikTok: Connect your TikTok advertising account to track leads and campaign performance. Google My Business: Monitor and respond to customer reviews, and manage your business listing information directly from Innovi CRM. Yext: Sync your business information across multiple directories and listings for increased online visibility and reputation management. Twilio: Integrate with this leading communication platform to send SMS messages, make phone calls, and manage customer communications. Mailgun: Seamlessly send and track transactional emails, such as appointment confirmations and service reminders. Gmail and Outlook 2-Way Sync: Sync your email inbox with Innovi CRM, enabling you to manage emails, contacts, and calendar events within the platform. These integrations are designed to simplify your daily operations, enhance your team's productivity, and allow you to focus on providing exceptional customer service.
  • Can I customize Innovi CRM to fit my specific business needs and workflows?
    Yes, Innovi CRM is highly customizable to fit your specific business needs and workflows. Our goal is to provide a CRM solution that adapts to your unique processes, rather than forcing your business to adjust to the software. Here are some of the ways in which you can customize Innovi CRM: Custom Fields: You can create custom fields for contacts, leads, and projects to capture the specific information that is relevant to your business. This allows you to store and track the exact data you need for efficient operations and customer management. Custom Workflows: Innovi CRM enables you to set up custom workflows that mirror your existing processes. This includes defining stages, tasks, and automation rules that help streamline your sales, marketing, and service processes, ensuring that your team stays aligned and focused on the most important tasks. Custom Templates: You can create custom templates for emails, quotes, invoices, and more, ensuring that your communications and documents are tailored to your brand and industry requirements. Custom Reporting: Innovi CRM provides powerful reporting tools that allow you to create custom reports and dashboards based on your specific business goals and performance metrics. This enables you to track the data that matters most to your business and make informed decisions for growth and improvement. Custom User Permissions: You can define custom user roles and permissions within Innovi CRM, ensuring that each team member has access to the appropriate tools and data to perform their job effectively while maintaining data security and privacy. With these customization options and more, Innovi CRM can be tailored to your business's unique needs and workflows, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing processes and maximum value from your CRM investment.
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